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Loyalty to Phi Delta, Commitment to Education

Frederic “Ric” Scripps ’70 (#178) on His Two Lifelong Passions

Frederic “Ric” Scripps ’70 (#178) has been equally passionate about Phi Delta Theta and education for decades. As an undergraduate at Drake University in the late 1960s, Ric joined the Iowa Delta chapter, where he laid the foundation of what would prosper into lengthy friendships with his chapter brothers.

“I was and am a proud Phi Delt,” Ric said. “I still meet with a dozen of my chapter brothers annually to play golf and exchange stories. We started meeting about 15-16 years ago as a group of four, and have since grown to 12.” The men meet every September, typically in Wisconsin or another central location. “Brothers come in from Wisconsin, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, California, and South Carolina,” shared Ric. Regardless of where they are based, the men love getting together, reminiscing, and rekindling the bonds they first built in college.

Aside from his love and loyalty to PDT, Ric has long been committed to education, specifically, science, technology, and math. “I majored in math at Drake, went on to have a nine-year career in education,” he stated. “My wife, Debbie, and I were involved in educational instruction for a long time.” Ric credits his professors for getting him excited about learning, and preparing him for teaching middle school math.

Ric believes strongly in the value of being educated, and feels that a quality education can “stimulate creativity and innovation, and lead to prosperity.” He has not only lent his support to Iowa Delta over the years, but to Drake’s school of education, which used to be located off-campus, until the school’s administration proposed relocating the department on university premises. “When Drake talked about the need to bring the education school on the main campus, about 10 years ago, Debbie and I jumped on the opportunity to support the cause,” recalled Ric. “Although there were financial hurdles, my wife and I were committed to helping as best we could.”

When Ric revisits his favorite collegiate memories, they always relate back to his membership in PDT and his love of learning. Today, he and Debbie reside in Dallas, Texas, though they returned to Drake this year for an incredible honor: Collier-Scripps hall, a 55,000-square-foot building on the main campus, recognizes Ric and Debbie and bears their name. “This building has Scripps on it, but it belongs to all the students who will pass through its doors,” said Ric. “The Phi Delts, and every other Drake collegian who will learn there, are the beneficiaries.” You can connect with Ric at

Why Staying Connected Is Important to Michael Diedring ’81 (#436)

Alumnus Reflects on Lessons Learned at Iowa Delta

Michael Diedring ’81 (#436) joined the brotherhood of Phi Delta Theta at Drake because he immediately felt comfortable with the attitude and outlook of the men he met there. Years later, he has made staying connected a priority, even after moving away from Iowa Delta and relocating in Europe.

“I stayed a part of the brotherhood while at Drake because I enjoyed the camaraderie and the opportunity to do things together,” Michael says. “I continue to support the brotherhood because it was a significant part of my positive experience at Drake, and I hope other young men will also have the opportunity.”

While Michael was attending Drake, he was proud to be an Iowa Delta and respected the achievements and accomplishments of older brothers in the chapter. Phi Delta Theta played a leading role in life at the university, and members had fun while contributing greatly to the community.

Michael studied rhetorical speech and got involved in campus life, serving as co-chairman of the Drake Relays Committee, a student representative on the Drake Senate, and a member of the Student Activities Board.

After graduating from Drake, Michael attended law school and practiced trade and commercial law in Boston and Washington, D.C. When the Berlin Wall fell, he was offered the opportunity to get involved in legal work overseas. Now, Michael lives in Europe and serves as the director of the European Programme for Integration and Migration, which is a funders’ collaborative in Brussels, Belgium.

“My time at Iowa Delta gave me the support, confidence, values, and maturity that I have taken with me during my entire professional career. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, and my experience at Drake and with Iowa Delta was instrumental in shaping my life and putting me on a solid professional career path.”

Although living in Europe has kept Michael from returning to Iowa Delta, he is very impressed by what he has seen and stays in touch with his brothers. He is thankful for all of the members who have worked so hard to ensure the future of the chapter, and he is proud of the progress so far. Phi Delta Theta gave Michael mentors, friends, and opportunities, and he hopes to see that brotherhood continue.

“My experience at Iowa Delta was instrumental in helping me to understand the value of friendship, professional networks, and the power of fundamental values, and put me on a path of professional achievement,” Michael says. “I would not be the person I am today were it not for my experience at Iowa Delta and Drake University; I am extremely grateful to those brothers with whom I had the privilege of attending Drake.”

Michael lives in Lithuania with his wife, Jolanta. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, traveling, swimming, and rowing. His e-mail is


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